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Sean Tinnion is a multi - award winning British-Australian music composer for films, television, games & other multimedia productions currently based in Australia. His compositional style and sound is a mixture between haunting, evocative, emotional scores & dark ambient soundscapes that extensively use orchestra and electronic elements. Over the span of his career, he has scored over 60 productions based in Australia and overseas, including the UK and the USA ranging from short films, features, games, corporate and commercials. His awards and accolades throughout his career so far include an impressive 22 winning awards for 'Best Film Score' from film festivals such as The Hollywood Boulevard Film Festival, Global Music Awards, The Vegas Movie Awards, The Europe Film Festival UK, The APRA Screen Music Awards, Australia, The International Sound & Film Music Festival in Croatia, The Los Angeles Film Awards and The International Independent Film Awards. He has also received a further 8 nominations for his work in film & TV.

2020 was a turning point in Sean's career, landing his first feature length film production 'The Last Horns of Africa' which is a gripping and intimate look at the current rhino poaching war raging across Africa for which he has won 5 awards for Best Score. This then led to his second feature length documentary film 'Jaimen Hudson: From Sky to Sea' which tells the story of Jaimen embarking on the greatest challenge of his life to become the world’s first underwater cinematographer with quadriplegia. The film was shown in cinemas, Australia & New Zealand wide. Sean went on to score his 3rd documentary feature film 'How To Thrive: A Practical Guide to Happiness' which follows Marie McLeod, an unconventional Positive Psychology coach, who takes on 10 volunteers with complex psychological issues on a quest to learn ‘how to thrive.' The film was released in cinemas around Australia from October 13th, 2022. In early 2023, Sean completed his 4th documentary feature score for 'Pignorant' which follows world renowned vegan activist Joey Carbstrong and his team infiltrating the Pilgrim’s Pride slaughterhouse in Manchester and secretly planting cameras inside the cages of the gas chamber. The investigation was a success, showcasing UK’s first ever footage of pigs being gassed in CO2. As a result of what was found in the footage, a much larger investigation was conducted into the UK's pork industry, which will come to light in this very confronting film. It is forecast for release towards the end of 2023. He is now currently scoring a documentary series for SBS 'Life on the Hospital Frontline,' which steps inside St Vincent's hospital in Sydney to explore the challenges facing the Australian public heath system. 


He has also contributed to the world of video games with his debut game 'The Last Stand: Aftermath' which was released on November 16th, 2021 on PS4, PS5, Xbox Series and PC. He is currently scoring his 4th UK based documentary feature film as well as his first drama/action packed feature film called 'Before Dawn.' Both will release sometime in 2023.  

Sean has also been releasing music onto all major streaming stores since 2017. His first full album 'An Everlasting Serenity' was released on March 25th, 2020 which is a meditation/easy listening work which was then followed by 'Avori,' his 2nd album which is a solo piano work, released on November 24th, 2020 and features numerous collaborations from other composers and artists around the world. He has now released his 3rd album 'Evolution' which is more cinematic in style compared to his previous releases. It is now available on all streaming stores. 

Sean is also frequently active across social media with 3 verified accounts on Instagram, Facebook & Threads with a combined view count on his music and content of over 260,000. He regularly engages with his audience by posting live performances and little snippets from upcoming albums & film scores. 

Born in Liverpool, England, he started out at the early age of five where his interest in music began at the piano and eventually would turn to film music. In late 2004, he immigrated to Australia where his musical skills had the opportunity to develop further. He went on to earn his Bachelor of Music Major In Composition and Music Technology in 2011 from The Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts, graduating in 2015. Scores to many documentaries & films have gained recognition and interest from producers & directors both domestically and internationally. 





Sean has completed the score to a highly anticipated Western Australian feature film 'Before Dawn' set for release in early 2024.  

* Sean was also nominated along with 3 other finalists for the 2022 PDA Award, Australia (Professional Development Award) from APRA AMCOS. 

* “A recent revelation, but someone who’s possibly been hiding behind some of your favourite shows, Sean Tinnion is a composer with a big future. His "An Everlasting Serenity" album showcases his impressive ability to create emotive music, emphasising why he’s a force to be reckoned with when it comes to enhancing the impact of film and TV. It also serves as potent daydream material, the lush, ethereal and powerful tracks making for a compelling soundtrack to let your imagination run wild.”

- Aarom Wilson, WAM/Aaromedia/RTRFM/ABC Perth

* "Sean Tinnion’s hauntingly beautiful cinema-eqsue score masterfully enhances the shifting emotions experienced by the characters on stage."

Reviewed By Niki Dahlenburg on "Vincent" at RIPITUP.COM

* "Timeless is a beautiful debut album by composer Sean Tinnion that embraces tender lyrical melodies entwined with a heart centre of nostalgic harmonic writing to transport the listener to another place and time.... 'Timeless' showcases Sean's ability to create a powerful and emotive soundtrack though his use of diverse orchestral colour". 

- Jessica Gethin (Chief Conductor - Perth Symphony Orchestra)

* "Sean is a truly creative composer. His work brings emotional truth and sophistication to a production which transforms a story on screen, to a heart felt journey." 

- Natalie Bell - Producer

* "Sean Tinnion's 'Remembrance' is a work of phenomenal beauty evoking the celestial, and a reminder of just how much burgeoning talent there is in Western Australia. WAAPA-trained Sean Tinnion devoted the work in memory of those who have lost loved ones and the piece featured talented harpist Eliza Bourgault de Coudray joined by Curtin University-based acapella group Rhythmos, their vocals bringing adding depth to the close of the song"

- The West Australian


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