Sean is set to score a number of productions in 2021. These include a 3-part SBS series called 'What Does Australia Really Think?' A PC Video game called 'The Last Stand: Aftermath, a short thriller film and two feature length documentary films. 

A feature documentary film he really recently scored (Jaimen Hudson: From Sky To Sea) is having it's premiere on March 14th, 2021 at the WA Made Film Festival and then it is going to cinemas around Australia & New Zealand starting March 18th. 


* “A recent revelation, but someone who’s possibly been hiding behind some of your favourite shows, Sean Tinnion is a composer with a big future. His Timeless album showcases his impressive ability to create emotive music, emphasising why he’s a force to be reckoned with when it comes to enhancing the impact of film and TV. It also serves as potent daydream material, the lush, ethereal and powerful tracks making for a compelling soundtrack to let your imagination run wild.”

- Aarom Wilson, WAM/Aaromedia/RTRFM/ABC Perth


* "Sean Tinnion’s hauntingly beautiful cinema-eqsue score masterfully enhances the shifting emotions experienced by the characters on stage."

Reviewed By Niki Dahlenburg on "Vincent" at RIPITUP.COM

* "Timeless is a beautiful debut album by composer Sean Tinnion that embraces tender lyrical melodies entwined with a heart centre of nostalgic harmonic writing to transport the listener to another place and time.... 'Timeless' showcases Sean's ability to create a powerful and emotive soundtrack though his use of diverse orchestral colour". 

- Jessica Gethin (Chief Conductor - Perth Symphony Orchestra)



* "Sean is a truly creative composer. His work brings emotional truth and sophistication to a production which transforms a story on screen, to a heart felt journey." 

- Natalie Bell - Producer


* "Sean Tinnion's 'Remembrance' is a work of phenomenal beauty evoking the celestial, and a reminder of just how much burgeoning talent there is in Western Australia. WAAPA-trained Sean Tinnion devoted the work in memory of those who have lost loved ones and the piece featured talented harpist Eliza Bourgault de Coudray joined by Curtin University-based acapella group Rhythmos, their vocals bringing adding depth to the close of the song"

- The West Australian


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